Foreign experience - an example of the indigenous people, the Sami


Worthy example of persistent activity at the international level (including the UN) to protect their rights (indigenous people) should serve as a result that was achieved (achieve) the representatives of the indigenous people Sami.




Total Sami population - from 60 to 80 thousand people (according to the Sami Parliament in Finland - about 75 thousand people), of which lives in Norway from 40 to 60 000 in Sweden - from 15 to 25 thousand in Finland - from 6 to 8 thousands in Russia - two thousand people.

Sami Parliament in Finland

Sami Parliament - the highest political body of the Sami living in Finland.From a legal point of view, the Sami Parliament of Finland is a special unit of the Ministry of Justice, Finland, as a public law entity with its own governing body, as well as accounting and auditing services.Parliament has the right to legislative initiatives, as well as releasing statements on matters that fall under its jurisdiction. Sami Parliament - the only body in Finland, which has the right to express the official view of the Sami in matters that affect the lives of the Sami population of this country.Sami Parliament deputies have the right to participate in the work of local authorities, to express their opinions and make suggestions.

The jurisdiction of the Sami Parliament in Finland are primarily those issues related to the implementation forth in § § 17 and 121 of the current Constitution of Finland Finland rights of the Sami population, defined status of the Sami as an indigenous people, - to preserve and develop their language and their culture. In addition, the Parliament decides on the issues related to the right to use their language Saami in government, as well as autonomy, which are on the territory of the Sami Sami region.

Parliament allocates the state funds in the amount of approximately EUR 1 million per year. The main items of expenditure - culture, education, social and health services.

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Representatives of the indigenous people Sami are actively participating in UN activities on indigenous peoples.

In the photograph, the indigenous people Sami take part in the second session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of the UN Indigenous Peoples (8 - July 12, 2013, Geneva, Switzerland).